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Planning a crab feast?

Live Prices

1 dozen    1/2 bushel Bushel
#3 FemalesMKT$$
# Female Sponge

Steamed Prices
Blue Crabs available1 dozen1/2 bushel Bushel
#3 FemalesMKT

Call 757-351-2724 for more specialls


  • All crabs are subject to availability and market price changes
  • Live Crabs and steamed crabs are available at the outdoor seafood market Thurs-Fri 12pm -6pm & Sat and Sun 11am-7pm
  • Live crabs and steamed crabs are available at the take out window when the seafood market is closed.
  • We accept EBT for steamed crabs at the live market in person only

Here's our expert guide to ensure you have enough crabs and how to order.  Depending how many people you're feeding and the crab sizes, follow these recommendations

1 person: #1's - order a half dozen | #2's or #3's - order 1 dozen

2 people: #1's - order 1 & 1/2 dozen |#2's or #3's - order the Wicker's 2 dozen special

Family Pack (3-4 people) - order a half bushel special:  #1's average 2 & 1/2 dozen | #2's or #3's average 3 & 1/2 dozen

6 or more?  Order 1 bushel minimum of any size crab, plus red potatoes and corn. Be sure to order 1-2 additional items such as shrimp, sausage or oysters for the non-crab enthusiasts

Other supplies needed: newspaper, paper towels, crab mallets, crab crackers, boil bags or steamer pot, seasoning, butter, hot sauce, vinegar and lemon


Now that you know how many crabs you need, here's how to get them.


  1. Pick up live at our outdoor market.  The live market is located adjacent to our restaurant under the pavilion.
  2. Pick up steamed or fried at our take out window at the restaurant. Order in person or at the self service kiosk.
  3. Dine in at our restaurant or on the outdoor patio. Crabs only available steamed by the dozen or half dozen inside the restaurant on our custom build your own steam pots.
  4. Order online at and pickup in person at our restaurant.  Available steamed or fried.
  5. Get them delivered! Order online at Available fried, or steamed on our build your own steam pots

Blue Crabs are available 7 days a week. 

We have females and males, Jumbos, #1’s, #2’s and #3's.

Our crabs are caught daily from our own commercial crabbing fleet in the Chesapeake Bay and it’s tributaries. 


Crabs are subject to availability and market pricing